by Ephrata
Posted at 09:54am on 2nd January 2019

Dear Partners and Friends,

Abdoulaye's father and mother left Mali to look for better life in Mauritania. Then, his father died and left him and his mother along with his young's brothers and sisters without any means of living. After a while, his mother found a way to take them back to Mali and settle with her relatives in one of the poorest area of Bamako. So, as a teenager Abdoulaye became angry and frustrated about his life and start to spend most of his time in streets and consume drugs along with other teenagers.

It is during that time, that EPHRATA came to connect with him through its "Street Light" program.

According to Adoulaye what helps him most in the program was the life lessons based on biblical principles that has been taught to them.

Today, Abdoulaye went through a literacy class, receive some foods support and has entered a trade apprenticeship course that will allow him to fend for himself and his family.

To be able to help many children and teenagers like Abdoulaye, EPHRATA has set up a campaign called "MISS A MEAL FOR MALI".

The campaign "MISS A MEAL FOR MALI" gives you an opportunity to donate the cost of one or several meals and to use the time of the forfeited meal for prayer (for those in Christ).

Make the New Year 2019 valuable and useful for you, by making your gift count. Give away the cost of your one or several meals and pray for EPHRATA and Mali during January 2019.

The campaign "MISS A MEAL FOR MALI" targets the amount of Euro 30,000.

Help us reach this goal by mobilizing your friends and network to donate.

Ways to help and support:

  1. Share the campaign information with your friends and network
  2. Participate in the share meal meeting that will be organized at the end of the month (for those in United Kingdom and Mali) and bring your donations to be collected.
  3. Make your donation through: or

For the holistic development and the right of Children in Mali.

Your Friends at EPHRATA.