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    Support Ephrata in acquiring a second-hand vehicle so that we can more easily carry out the holistic mission and development programmes.
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    Holistic development of young people
    Improvement of spiritual, physical, intellectual support and the creation of means of subsistence and income for and by young people (graduates and non-graduates).
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    Holistic well being of Children
    Improvement of the spiritual, physical, intellectual and living conditions of the families of the children (girls and boys).

About Us

EPHRATA, which is the second name of the birthplace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ "Bethlehem-EPHRATA", is a Malian founded organisation rooted in biblical values and principles. It aims to contribute, without any discrimination, to the holistic development of children and young people (citizens and future leaders of Mali) in a healthy and peaceful environment. In 2060,

Mali will celebrate its centenary as a Sovereign and Independent State. The projected population is estimated at about 50 million with 67% of children and young people under age 25 years.


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Children impacted (2013 to 2019 )


Young people impacted (2013 to 2019 )


Community leaders impacted (2013 to 2019)


Financial and Technical Partners (2013 to 2019)

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