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Soli Deo Gloria (No glorified Minitry or glorified Person)

Mr Gabriel Goïta

Managing Director and President Co-founder

Mr Gabriel GOITA is the President Co-founder of EPHRATA. He led its executive board for 9 years and has been recruited has Managing Director with the change in governance and the introduction of a Board of Director.

Currently, a doctoral student in the DBA program - Doctorate of Business Administration- at UNICAF University; Mr GOITA combines a broad and deep experience acquired over more than 15 years as a development practitioner. 

Holding a Degree in applied mathematics and an MBA in Financial Management; he is actively involved in the development process in Mali through his commitment to social and economic entrepreneurship. Besides being Managing Director of the NGO EPHRATA, he also shares his skills and knowledge through consultancy and training services in addition to teaching in universities.

His entrepreneurial and leadership skills have earned him the honour of two prestigious international programs. The first is the UEMOA World Talent Program and the second is the International Visitor Leadership Program - IVLP- of the United States Department of State.

Mr GOITA is fluent in French and English and has a beginner level in Arabic