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Soli Deo Gloria (No glorified Minitry or glorified Person)

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Prayers request

Thank you for your prayers

We thank you for your prayers and for your financial support which will allow us both to contribute, without any discrimination, to the integral development of children and young people in a healthy and peaceful environment.

Prayer items:

  1. Pray for the emergence of Mali into a Just, Free, Prosperous and Strong Nation where the will of God reigns in Jesus Christ;
  2. Pray for the integral development of children through the improvement of their spiritual care, their health, their intellectual capacity (knowing how to read, knowing how to count and having basic skills) and the living conditions of their families, to enable them to be productive and to make their contribution as citizens and future leaders;
  3. Pray for the integral development of young people through the improvement of their spiritual and emotional care, the creation of means of subsistence and income, the good management of sexuality and reproductive health, listening and involvement of young people as actors in the promotion of good governance, democracy and social justice;
  4. Pray for the mobilization and empowerment of churches, communities, and the State for the promotion and protection of human rights in general and the rights of the child in particular;
  5. Pray for the implementation of the “Hope Revolution - Teen Challenge” program to prevent and help the liberation and healing of our girls and boys who are caught in the trap of addiction to drugs and other substances through the "total cure of renewal in Jesus Christ";
  6. Pray for the human, material and financial resources necessary for the implementation of the programs and the proper execution and management of the projects of the different programs;
  7. Pray for all our donors that God will bless them, bless the work of their hands and provide for all their needs in terms of health, physical security, success in their jobs / jobal life, cohesion and peace in their lives and families.