The EPHRATA ministry model is structured around a formal organization supporting the activities of an open movement of volunteers willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause and advancement of the kingdom of God and his justice in Mali.
The management structure of EPHRATA is as follows:

Board of Directors:

For a matter of transparency, credibility and monitoring, a board of directors is set up to supervise all the activities of the organization.

Executive direction:

It is composed of a full-time executive director and his / her staff (heads of departments).

Representative offices:

The representative offices are created by following the administrative division of the country and the concept Each City - Each Village - Each Community (CVCVCC) and represent the association in the regions, municipalities and villages.

They are put in place by the Executive Directorate with the aim of facilitating the mobilization of volunteers and involving many people in the implementation of the programs and subprogrammes as well as the operation and management of the organization.