SP 1: Discovery of the love of God, neighbor and homeland by girls and boys

As part of their rights, children grow up in the discovery of God's love for them.

Children who have a good image of themselves and who are
full of hope and trust in the future, respect and have good relationships with peers, family members and society.

Children who know their rights and duties as citizens and commit to promoting a just, free, prosperous and strong nation in a healthy and peaceful environment.

SP 2: Good school education of girls and boys

Children who can read, write and count.

Children growing up in wisdom, managing their emotions and communicating their ideas.

Teenagers who take initiatives and develop their sporting abilities and their leadership and management abilities on a personal, social and economic level.

SP 3: Good health status of girls and boys

Parents and guardians who have access to medical information and basic medical services for the well-being of children.

Well-nourished children and protected against infections, injuries and diseases.

Sensitized and well-informed adolescents on sexually transmitted diseases , such as HIV AIDS and good sexuality management.

SP 4: Girls and boys are listened to and actors in the promotion and protection of their rights

Children taking initiatives and developing their advocacy skills for the promotion and protection of their rights.

Children who are respected actors in taking decisions that concern

Parents, educators, community, religious, administrative and political leaders are aware of the Child Rigth Convention, African Child Rigth and Well-being Convention.