SP 1: Discovery of the love of God, neighbor and country by vulnerable people

Vulnerable people who discover God's love for them through the "Christmas for All" Campaign.

Vulnerable people who benefit from the help and support of EPHRATA in the realization of their rights.

Vulnerable people who know their rights and duties as citizens and commit to promoting a just, free, prosperous and strong nation in a healthy and peaceful environment.

SP 2: Through sport, games and trade training, bring joy and transformation to children in difficult situations (the disabled, in street situations, in prison ...)

Children in street situations and in prison who change their behavior and their characters

Children in street situations and in prison who learn and practice trades, establish their own families and participate in the development of the country.

Children with disabilities who participate in recreational and sports activities for their full development.

SP 3: Support widows and orphans

Vulnerable widows are identified and assisted to make them resilient.

Vulnerable orphans are identified and assisted for full development