SP 1: Discovery of the love of God, neighbor and country by young people

Young people who discover the love of God for them and have a good image of themselves and who are full of hope and trust in the future, respect and have good relationships with peers, family members and society.

Young people who know their rights and duties as citizens and commit to promoting a just, free, prosperous and strong nation in a healthy and peaceful environment.

SP 2: Creation of livelihoods and income through entrepreneurship, apprenticeships and good career management

Young people who learn and use planning and personal management tools.

Young people who cultivate excellence in the management of their intellectual, relational, emotional and physical abilities and the communication of their ideas in order to master a career and manage their careers.

Young people who take initiatives and develop their entrepreneurial abilities and create and manage micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

SP 3: Good management of sexuality and reproductive health

Young people who are sensitized and knowledgeable about reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV AIDS and the good management of sexuality.

Young people who take the initiative to get tested and to have safe sex.

Young people who take the initiative to honor the marriage and to blossom sexually in the context of the marriage, between a man and a woman, in a faithful way.

SP 4: Young people are heard and actors in the promotion of good governance, democracy and social justice

Young people taking initiatives and developing their advocacy capacity to promote good governance, democracy and social justice.

Young people who are respected actors in taking decisions that concern them.

Young people taking part in citizen and political debates.