Emergence of a New Mali through Children

en.program: OS1-Holistic well being of children This program overall goal is to enable children and teenagers to realize their rights and contribute to the emergence of a new generation of citizen and leaders in Mali with solid foundations and moral values; children and adolescents who know their rights and duties as citizens and are committed to the promotion of a just, free, prosperous and strong nation in a healthy and peaceful environment.

Sport and games are used as a microcosm of life to allow children and adolescents to develop a good self-image, to respect and to have good relationships with their peers, their family members and society through :
  • Espace Ladamou KENE. 
  • Mini-Kidgames.
  • Evenement-Kidgames.
  • Camps Sportifs
  • Colonie Sportive
en.published : 2020-06-24 10:05: am